Mommy Indulgence

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So the little one goes for a nap.  What do you do?  Well you could mop the floor, wash the windows and finally pop in that kickboxing DVD you’ve been meaning to get to…..or you could plop your self down on the sofa, switch on General Hospital (Will Sonny and Carly just get back together already!?!) and savor a fabulous exotic chocolate bar.  That’s just what I finished doing and I feel fabulous…except for the Sonny & Carly drama.  VOSGES is the most delectable chocolate we’ve ever experienced and recommended by INSTYLE magazine.  So luxurious and delicious that we needed to share our find so you can treat yourself too.  We discovered it while pushing our stroller through SOHO a few weeks ago on a much needed vacation.  We were hot, tired and needed a little something to keep going.  The air conditioning alone would have kept me there.  We three enjoyed the yummiest cold chocolate drinks (the parents added a shot of espresso to keep up with the baby) and toddled about the chocolate boutique.  The cafe is very welcoming of mommies with babies too…the staff was super sweet and friendly.  There literally was chocolate everywhere you looked.  VOSGES also has chocolate inspired clothing that is truly stylish and funky.  The husband got a fresh tee that’s super original.  VOSGES ships world wide, so don’t fret if you can’t make it down to Soho.  So ditch that Snickers bar momma, and treat yourself to some haut chocolate that is truly worthy of your precious mommy break.  Our fave is the NAGA bar and the GIANDUJA….I hid some away just for me!  Go see what chic chocolate is all about at