Wear Your Baby With Style

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I’m all about babywearing.  We love a stylish baby sling here at Celeb Baby Clothes, if the fit is right and the fabric is stunning.  Nothing better than having your baby close and cuddly while you two wander through the Saturday Farmer’s Market nibbling on yummy croissants.  So when we heard of FIZZABELLA and looked at their fabulous creations, I had to try them out myself.  Absolutely gorgeous and super comfortable, my FIZZABELLA sling goes everywhere with us.  We chose the IRELAND pattern and have been stopped so many times we lost count, by moms who want to know about this chic and practical carrier.  Reversible, adjustable, affordable and easy to use, the most difficult part is choosing one of their classy patterns.  What sets this sling apart from the rest is the pockets sewn on to the slings so that you can carry a bottle, a diaper and some wipes (I like to roll up the latest US Weekly and slip it in the pocket too).  No need to carry a diaper bag!  Just take what ya need and go…how fab is that?  Visit www.fizzabella.com and let us know how much you love their slings.