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We are swooning over the fabulous cars from AUTOMOBLOX.  Sleek, modern and the best toy we’ve come across since Barbie, AUTOMOBLOX will appeal to both your little boys and little girls.  Made of solid beech wood, brightly colored rubber tires, and interchangeable parts, all so your little bean’s imagination can run wild.  They can build what they want and be creative.  Our toddler loves mixing up all the different color tires.  It keeps her super busy while mommy puts lipstick on and curls her hair.  Featured in The New York Times, these fantastic cars are a must have for those in the know.  They make a stunning and educational birthday gift, and look sophisticated on the desk top of any car enthusiast you may know.  Our favorite?  The snazzy purple Sport Utility.  Fabulous color and drives like a dream. Style and hours of fun all at the same time.  We wish we’d thought of it. Take a test drive at www.automoblox.com

Hip Diaper Bag

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BRAD PITT made it stylish for dads to carry diaper bags by toting his DIAPER DUDE around the world with his gorgeous family.  We love the hip patterns and fresh designs those Dude’s keep coming up with.  Now that Fall is slowly sneaking up on us, it’s time to think about changing up your diaper bag.  When seasons change, we switch up our clothes, so why would baby’s tote be any different?  Fall makes us think of plaid, so we are loving DIAPER DUDE’S PLAID BAG.  So retro, and it works with all of dad’s (and your) Autumn clothes.  Tons of space for all of babe’s and Dad’s gear, and we can’t get over how comfy the extra wide strap is.  A diaper bag that’s cool enough for dad and fabulous enough for mom.  Bravo!  Get your plaid fix at www.diaperdude.com.

Stylish & Healthy

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Being healthy is part of being stylish.  You are showing the world that you care about how you feel and look when you eat right and exercise.  That’s why we are head over heels for the fabulous tees at THE LUNCHBOX BUNCH. With over 35 different fruit and veggie characters to choose from, your child is sure to find humor and style in each design.  The characters on the clothes are like the people you cross paths with everyday.  We love the Meditating Mushroom, and the Giddy Banana the most.  We can’t get our toddler out of her Punk Rock Radish shirt.  Thank goodness it washes well.  The NO PAPARAZZI PEAS is hilarious.  It would look brilliant on NAOMI WATTS new little bundle.  These tees are a wonderful way to get your child interested in healthy eating.  The art work is genius, as it will appeal to both little ones and grownups.  So much more interesting than your everyday Disney tee.  You can get some of the styles in organic cotton too.  How fantastic is that?  These tees will soon be gracing all the celebrity kids we love to read about, as THE LUNCHBOX BUNCH is going to appear at the 2007 EMMY AWARDS CELEBRITY GIFT BAG SUITESHILOH and SURI will be jealous cause you got your LUNCHBOX tee first.  Check out their entire line of tees, note cards and bags at www.lunchboxbunch.com

Hip & Edgy

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Are you looking for something original and funky to dress your little tot in?  Can’t imagine the baby wearing another Dora tee?  Then have a look at the fresh and fabulous creations at BUNNY & BEE and LITTLE THIEVES, two lines of hip clothing from a husband and wife team in California.  They have figured out the perfect balance of comfort, style and edge.  Little girls will look sophisticated dressed in tees that are bursting with color and urban graphics.  We love the purple raglan most.  Pair it with a denim jean skirt and your pumpkin is ready to roll.  Modern and hip, LITTLE THIEVES is perfect for you little man to strut around the playground.  The tees are super soft and can take the rough and tumble games that little boys play.  Love the dog and crossbones graphic.  Very MADDOX JOLIE PITT, don’t you think? Ditch the cutesy and let your babe’s individual style shine through at www.bunnyandbee.com

Bunny and Bee is offering an exclusive 20% discount for Celebrity Baby Clothes fans!  Enter LOVECBC in the comments section at checkout and save.  We love it!  This offer is good till August 15th, so get some snazzy summer tees now.

Stylish & Fresh

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You have to treat yourself mommy.  Sometimes that means something simple like buying a fancy French lip balm, or a delicious latte made with full fat milk (go wild).  For my everyday life as a mom…running around the playground…changing a million diapers and belting out Ring Around The Rosie like a rock star, I enjoy making the ordinary a little more special.  That means a double scoop of icecream, a purse full of every fancy lip balm you can name, and a sleek tin of designer mints (there’s no excuse for bad breath).  I am loving the fabulous taste and packaging by ORAL FIXATION (cheeky name, isn’t it?).  They come in nine yummy flavors and are super addictive.  We love the Mojito Mints in their snazzy brushed metal tin.  So retro.  We were also delighted to learn that the most stylish celeb mommy, GWYNETH PALTROW has been known to pop a few of ORAL FIXATION’S dandy mints too (one more thing we have in common).  Sold in upscale locals like The Ritz Carlton and Dean & Deluca and tucked away in CATE BLANCHETT’S purse, ORAL FIXATION is A-List all the way baby.  As my mommy friend Bec said to me the other day,”they’re the perfect mint after our fancy coffees”.  So true.  Get your mint fix at www.oralfix.com

We have some ORAL FIXATION to give away here at CELEBRITY BABY CLOTHES.  Tell us all nine flavors and we’ll hook you up.  You can be fresh just like Gwynnie, by emailing your winning answer, by Tuesday at midnight to celebritybabyclothescontest@gmail.com

Win It Mommas!

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Last week we told you about ROCK STAR MOMMA, the fabulous book by SKYE HOPPUS on how to stay hip and fresh during those nine months of swollen feet, nausea and an expanding waist line.  Her advice is priceless and the book is a must have for all you pregnant mommas out there.  Style tips and advice from GWYNETH PALTROW and tons of other chic celeb moms to help you feel your best .  ROCK STAR MOMMA will help you embrace your growing bust line and baby bump. Now you can win your copy just by telling us the name of SKYE'S line of delicious clothes for moms to be and children.  Check out www.rockstarmomma.com for help with the answer and email us here at celebritybabyclothescontest@gmail.com by Monday at midnight.   We have 3 books to giveaway, so the first 3 mommas to answer correctly win.   

If you missed our review of ROCK STAR MOMMA (shame on you) then check it out here .

Find Of The Week:Straplettes

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Ever since ANGELINA JOLIE made it sexy to show off your nursing bra (who can forget that People cover?), breastfeeding moms have been looking for ways to “dress up” their own breastfeeding bra.  We’ve found a way to keep track of which side you last fed from and stylishly show off a little strap.  Even the most organized mommy will benefit from these chic reminders of which side is next for feeding.  No matter how together you think you have it, you always have that moment at 3 am where you go, was it the left or the right?  You feel each side…still unsure, then stress about it, when you should be relaxing and bonding with your new little baby.  Handmade with gorgeous ribbon and fabulous pewter charms, STRAPLETTES are a stylish moms best friend when it comes to remembering left or right.  Super easy to use too.  We tried it one handed and had no problems.  They look really fun on your favorite nursing bra (Condessa all the way ladies!) peaking out from under a classic black tank from Club Monaco.   You can choose from three collections: POSH, SWEET, and ADORABLE.  You pick the ribbon and the charm and let them do the rest.  We love the Madison ribbon paired with the Baby Buggy.  So classy.  Makes a brilliant shower gift.  We’re sure you’ll agree when you go to www.straplette.com.

Dress Up Dinner Time

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Meal time can be the messiest time of the day when you have a wee one at the dinner table.  Mushy peas and tomato sauce flying everywhere.  What’s a fashionable mommy to do?  Cover up babe’s onesie with a colorful bib from BABY ENERGY, a fabulous company that is dedicated to catching all those carrot dribbles.  They make bibs with interchangeable velcro patches with phrases that will match whatever mood your little bean is in.  Did the baby wake up on the wrong side of the crib?  Then put on his GRUMPY patch.  If sweety is being a tad bit picky with her meal, then you can use the FOOD CRITIC patch.  With over a hundred patches to choose from, you’ll be able to find what ya need.  Our favorite?  Love the MISO CUTE patch and the I LOVE NEW YORK bib.  Hip, eye catching and affordable…what more do you need?  They wash well and have that all important pocket to catch all of Jr’s cookie crumbs. BABY ENERGY also has jazzy patches to celebrate birthdays, and holidays.  Get 15% off you total order with the promo code “babyblog”.  Get your bib on at www.baby-energy.com

Extreme Comfort & Style

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We are drooling over our KAMIK REEFWALKERS this summer.  When it comes to KAMIK we always drool.  Cool, comfortable and ready for a hard day of play, these yummy sandals are a summer time must have.  Our eye catching pink pair keeps the baby’s toes safe and covered, while letting her feet breath and stay dry.  We think they make the perfect lightweight summer sandal.   Great for a picnic and swim day at the beach or a trek through the woods on a warm summer day. GWYNETH and MADONNA are just a few of the celeb mommies who love the Canadian shoe company.  Who could blame them?  KAMIK’S got it all together with fresh looks, great colors that work with everything, and comfort that makes your toes ohhh and ahhh.  It’s somewhere you, the babe and daddy can get snazzy gear for your tired old feet.  It’s time to toss out those Crocs once and for all and check out KAMIK’S functional and fantastic sandals at www.kamik.com

Be A Local Celebrity

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We love what little trendsetters the JOLIE PITT children are becoming.  The latest in BRAD and ANGIE’S family to show us some serious style is PAX.  He’s been photographed everywhere with his yummy papa wearing LOCAL CELEBRITY, a funky tee shirt company that’s on the backs of those who know what’s hip.  Which tee did momma ANGELINA dress him in? The RESPECT YOUR MOTHER tee of course.  It’s super soft (I mean really soft…unbelievably soft) and is made of 100% organic cotton, which these days is a must.  We love the vintage look and faded print.  Paired with some fabulous jeans and Brazilian flip flops, and your little pumpkin is ready for brunch at Pastis.  The best part?  Buying this tee will help benefit Mother Earth.  The generous people at LOCAL CELEBRITY have joined up with GLOBAL GREEN USA and are donating profits from the sale of the RESPECT YOUR MOTHER tee to help end global warming.  How amazing is that?  You’re babe will look original and fresh and you’ll be helping the most important momma out there.  Check out all the style at LOCAL CELEBRITY.  They’ve got something delicious and cheeky for you and daddy too.  See what we’re talking about at www.localcelebrity.net

At what fancy schmancy party did the RESPECT YOUR MOTHER tee make its debut?  Tell us and you can own one and look as hip and cool as PAX JOLIE PITT.  Email us at celebritybabyclothescontest@gmail.com by Sunday at Midnight.  Good luck!  A special thanks to Matt for the giveaway.  Check out his very entertaining blog plopculture.blogspot.com and get hooked like us.