9 Months Of Beauty

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RocK Star Momma

Yes, yes, we know…your hormones are going wacky…you can’t button your Sevens, and you have more pimples than the 14 year old paper boy.  What’s a momma-to-be to do?  Wipe away those tears, and cozy up with a copy of ROCK STAR MOMMA, by the fabulous SKYE HOPPUS, clothing designer of all things hip for moms and children.  This book will help you through every fashion crisis a pregnant women experiences, from what jeans will look chic and stylish, to how to pick out the perfect tee throughout each trimester.  SKYE’S book encourages you to embrace your changing body and teaches you how to dress to show off your growing belly.  No need to hide under an old college tee momma…show it off in a sleek and yummy outfit that will let the world know that you’re expecting.  We love the books forward from our most favorite celeb momma GWYNETH PALTROW, a true fashion icon herself.  With advice from yummy mummies like JENNIE GARTH (we are still waiting for our 90210 reunion), and ELLE MACPHERSON (we swear by her La Mere maternity bra) how could you go wrong?  Trust us, you will love this must have guild to feeling marvelous and looking spectacular through your own 9 months.  Check out SKYE’S fashion advice at www.rockstarmomma.com. While you’re at it, have a peek at her delicious clothes at www.childishclothing.com

Rock Star Momma: The Hip Guide to Looking Gorgeous Through All Nine Months and Beyond