Camper Is Style

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Some people remember their first day of school…some remember their first kiss….I remember buying my first pair of CAMPER shoes.  It was a hot day in Barcelona, and they were the perfect red leather shoes to start my European adventure with.  I still have them and love slipping them on.  So you can imagine the excitement here at Celebrity Baby Clothes when we heard that CAMPER was creating a line just for kids.  A long time celeb favorite, NICOLE KIDMAN and JULIA ROBERTS are just a few of the celeb mommies known to covet CAMPER shoes.  We absolutely love their new line of shoes for the wee ones.  Stylish, fresh and comfortable (my pumpkin has been in them all day, everyday, without fuss).  CAMPERS are a wardrobe staple for the smartly dressed child.  Trying to pick just one set will be tough, but if you want to know what our favorite is, it’s the stunning set of red leather sandals with a snazzy patterned insole.  They’re wide enough to keep my toddler from toddling over, and dapper enough to wear strolling down Madison Ave while mommy window shops. They are part of CAMPER’S cult fave TWIN line.  Shoes that are the same, but not quite identical.  How fun is that?  If you love natural looking footwear with simple, yet stunning details, then check out this Spanish shoe company.  Don’t forget to treat yourself, mommies need chic and comfy toes too.  Get your CAMPER fix at