Dress Up Dinner Time

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Meal time can be the messiest time of the day when you have a wee one at the dinner table.  Mushy peas and tomato sauce flying everywhere.  What’s a fashionable mommy to do?  Cover up babe’s onesie with a colorful bib from BABY ENERGY, a fabulous company that is dedicated to catching all those carrot dribbles.  They make bibs with interchangeable velcro patches with phrases that will match whatever mood your little bean is in.  Did the baby wake up on the wrong side of the crib?  Then put on his GRUMPY patch.  If sweety is being a tad bit picky with her meal, then you can use the FOOD CRITIC patch.  With over a hundred patches to choose from, you’ll be able to find what ya need.  Our favorite?  Love the MISO CUTE patch and the I LOVE NEW YORK bib.  Hip, eye catching and affordable…what more do you need?  They wash well and have that all important pocket to catch all of Jr’s cookie crumbs. BABY ENERGY also has jazzy patches to celebrate birthdays, and holidays.  Get 15% off you total order with the promo code “babyblog”.  Get your bib on at www.baby-energy.com