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We are drooling over our KAMIK REEFWALKERS this summer.  When it comes to KAMIK we always drool.  Cool, comfortable and ready for a hard day of play, these yummy sandals are a summer time must have.  Our eye catching pink pair keeps the baby’s toes safe and covered, while letting her feet breath and stay dry.  We think they make the perfect lightweight summer sandal.   Great for a picnic and swim day at the beach or a trek through the woods on a warm summer day. GWYNETH and MADONNA are just a few of the celeb mommies who love the Canadian shoe company.  Who could blame them?  KAMIK’S got it all together with fresh looks, great colors that work with everything, and comfort that makes your toes ohhh and ahhh.  It’s somewhere you, the babe and daddy can get snazzy gear for your tired old feet.  It’s time to toss out those Crocs once and for all and check out KAMIK’S functional and fantastic sandals at www.kamik.com