Find Of The Week:Straplettes

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Ever since ANGELINA JOLIE made it sexy to show off your nursing bra (who can forget that People cover?), breastfeeding moms have been looking for ways to “dress up” their own breastfeeding bra.  We’ve found a way to keep track of which side you last fed from and stylishly show off a little strap.  Even the most organized mommy will benefit from these chic reminders of which side is next for feeding.  No matter how together you think you have it, you always have that moment at 3 am where you go, was it the left or the right?  You feel each side…still unsure, then stress about it, when you should be relaxing and bonding with your new little baby.  Handmade with gorgeous ribbon and fabulous pewter charms, STRAPLETTES are a stylish moms best friend when it comes to remembering left or right.  Super easy to use too.  We tried it one handed and had no problems.  They look really fun on your favorite nursing bra (Condessa all the way ladies!) peaking out from under a classic black tank from Club Monaco.   You can choose from three collections: POSH, SWEET, and ADORABLE.  You pick the ribbon and the charm and let them do the rest.  We love the Madison ribbon paired with the Baby Buggy.  So classy.  Makes a brilliant shower gift.  We’re sure you’ll agree when you go to