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You have to treat yourself mommy.  Sometimes that means something simple like buying a fancy French lip balm, or a delicious latte made with full fat milk (go wild).  For my everyday life as a mom…running around the playground…changing a million diapers and belting out Ring Around The Rosie like a rock star, I enjoy making the ordinary a little more special.  That means a double scoop of icecream, a purse full of every fancy lip balm you can name, and a sleek tin of designer mints (there’s no excuse for bad breath).  I am loving the fabulous taste and packaging by ORAL FIXATION (cheeky name, isn’t it?).  They come in nine yummy flavors and are super addictive.  We love the Mojito Mints in their snazzy brushed metal tin.  So retro.  We were also delighted to learn that the most stylish celeb mommy, GWYNETH PALTROW has been known to pop a few of ORAL FIXATION’S dandy mints too (one more thing we have in common).  Sold in upscale locals like The Ritz Carlton and Dean & Deluca and tucked away in CATE BLANCHETT’S purse, ORAL FIXATION is A-List all the way baby.  As my mommy friend Bec said to me the other day,”they’re the perfect mint after our fancy coffees”.  So true.  Get your mint fix at

We have some ORAL FIXATION to give away here at CELEBRITY BABY CLOTHES.  Tell us all nine flavors and we’ll hook you up.  You can be fresh just like Gwynnie, by emailing your winning answer, by Tuesday at midnight to