Stylish & Healthy

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Being healthy is part of being stylish.  You are showing the world that you care about how you feel and look when you eat right and exercise.  That’s why we are head over heels for the fabulous tees at THE LUNCHBOX BUNCH. With over 35 different fruit and veggie characters to choose from, your child is sure to find humor and style in each design.  The characters on the clothes are like the people you cross paths with everyday.  We love the Meditating Mushroom, and the Giddy Banana the most.  We can’t get our toddler out of her Punk Rock Radish shirt.  Thank goodness it washes well.  The NO PAPARAZZI PEAS is hilarious.  It would look brilliant on NAOMI WATTS new little bundle.  These tees are a wonderful way to get your child interested in healthy eating.  The art work is genius, as it will appeal to both little ones and grownups.  So much more interesting than your everyday Disney tee.  You can get some of the styles in organic cotton too.  How fantastic is that?  These tees will soon be gracing all the celebrity kids we love to read about, as THE LUNCHBOX BUNCH is going to appear at the 2007 EMMY AWARDS CELEBRITY GIFT BAG SUITESHILOH and SURI will be jealous cause you got your LUNCHBOX tee first.  Check out their entire line of tees, note cards and bags at