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We are swooning over the fabulous cars from AUTOMOBLOX.  Sleek, modern and the best toy we’ve come across since Barbie, AUTOMOBLOX will appeal to both your little boys and little girls.  Made of solid beech wood, brightly colored rubber tires, and interchangeable parts, all so your little bean’s imagination can run wild.  They can build what they want and be creative.  Our toddler loves mixing up all the different color tires.  It keeps her super busy while mommy puts lipstick on and curls her hair.  Featured in The New York Times, these fantastic cars are a must have for those in the know.  They make a stunning and educational birthday gift, and look sophisticated on the desk top of any car enthusiast you may know.  Our favorite?  The snazzy purple Sport Utility.  Fabulous color and drives like a dream. Style and hours of fun all at the same time.  We wish we’d thought of it. Take a test drive at www.automoblox.com