Brilliant Find

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Summer is coming to an end, and although that’s tragic, it really just means it’s time for new clothes.  Fall is a time of year that lets us take the best of our summer wear and pair it with our new Autumn favorites.   We are loving the new designs at THE FRENCH CHIHUAHUA, a Celebrity Baby Clothes fave.  What caught our eye was their snazzy Seahorse Tee.  Perfect for the last few weekends at the beach and it will fit right in with your wee ones Fall wardrobe.  Love the sweet detailing on the sleeves and the bold use of stripes.  This Fall stripes are going to be everywhere, so this tee will pair up nicely with your babe’s dark wash jeans and Mary Jane’s.  We’ve been a fan of this mom run company for a while.  All their designs are original, and stunning.  Our tot is still wearing her fabulous Queen Bee tee…so smart and sassy.  Take a peak at THE FRENCH CHIHUAHUA at  We know you’ll fall for the Seahorse tee like we did.