Maternity Must Have

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Being pregnant can cause you to have daily fashion emergencies.  Suddenly your favorite top won’t fit.  The more you try to pull it over your swollen belly, the less comfortable it feels and the more crazy you feel.  What’s a stylish and pregnant momma to do?  Follow our lead and get yourself a BELLYSOCK…it has saved many mommies-to-be from fashion meltdowns.  We all have our favorite Chanel black sweater or Burberry polo we simply can’t live without for nine months, and BELLYSOCK will ensure you get to wear your favorite shirts while you grow your baby.  It’s the coolest thing ever….a simple stretchy band of super soft fabric that slips over your belly and lets you wear all your pre pregnancy wardrobe.  Fabulous!  The September magazines are all about layering this season, and BELLYSOCK is made for layering.  Honestly, it feels amazingly comfy and cozy, just what you need at this topsy turvy time.  We chose the chic black BELLYSOCK, as it goes with everything.  Looks great with a tee and this seasons wide leg pants (toss those skinny jeans out ladies).  If you don’t believe us, just know that BELLYSOCK already has a celeb following that’s sure to impress.  We hear that the fabulous SARAH McLACHLAN is a fan, as is yummy mummy of three JULIA ROBERTS.  For all you breastfeeding mommies, they have styles that cover your tummy too.  Stay warm and keep your tummy under stylish wraps while you nurse your babe.  Get your belly bundled at