Dress Up Your Hair

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Yes, we know we have an addiction to hunting down the most fabulous hair clips out there.  Guilty as charged.   If your daughter had fine whispy hair, you would too.  We are completely enamored with OUT TO TEA.  They make the most exquisite clips, barrettes and headbands for your wee ones.  We can’t get over the detailing and chic look.  Think classy Suri meets playful Violet.  OUT TO TEA individually makes their hair designs with luxurious materials from France, Japan and good old USA.  Our tot looks so sweet in her crocheted daisy clip.  We get asked about it all the time while lunching with the ladies.  Their adjustable headbands are perfect for dressing up that back to school outfit.  These headbands are so adjustable in fact, that they fit adults too, so they make getting ready a snap for both you and your daughter in the morning rush.  The polkadot grosgrain ribbon headband in pink and brown looks fantastic and will make your mommy uniform of jeans and a tee more chic and stylish.  All of OUT TO TEA’S clips are non slip, so they don’t fall out…not even the constant head shaking ( why is everything NO?) and wild dancing by our little tot could shake these barrettes out.  Brilliant sequins, gorgeous ribbons, and fresh designs are what you’ll find at www.out-to-tea.com


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