Swanky Baby Blanki

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Is your diaper bag bursting at the seems momma?  You have a snack, some wipes, 4 diapers, a bottle of milk and six “just in case” outfits packed into your fab Kate Spade Baby Bag…not too mention a copy of Vogue and US Weekly…have you left enough room for your tot’s favorite blankie?  Hope so, cause the last thing you need is a major meltdown from missy moo while you’re trying on those fab heels you drooled over in Soho last week.  How about instead of packing an oversized blanket, get babe a gorgeous blanki from THE GIGI BLANKI CO., a mommy owned company that came up with a brilliant creation.  GIGIS are smaller, more manageable blankets made of deliciously soft fabrics and bold beautiful colors.  Perfect for the tiny hands of busy toddlers.  Our little pumpkin no longer trips over unnecessary fabric while out shopping with mommy, and it’s super soft material soothes her during the all important nap time ( is it bad that I look forward to nap time?).  They have tons of chic and hip patterns and colors to choose from, so you can mix and match with all your baby’s outfits.  You pick a color for the soft, nubby side and then another pattern or color for the silky smooth side.  We went with chocolate brown and baby blue…perfect for Fall.  Fabulous mommies that have been gifted a GIGI BLANKI are JULIA ROBERTS, TRISTA SUTTER, and JENNA ELFMAN.  Don’t tell ELIZABETH HASSELBECK, but we hear she’s going to get one very soon too.  Lucky momma.  Have a peek at their sweet handmade TOOTHI creation…a gorgeous itty bitty blankie that has a tiny little pocket for your wee one’s tooth while she waits for the Tooth Fairy.  How stylish!  See what all the buzz is about over at www.thegigiblanki.com