Fashion & Function With Vincent Shoes

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I really don’t want to say it mommies, but winter is on the way…time to pack away those jazzy little sandals and get some stylish winter boots for your wee one.  Our fabulous pair of  VINCENT boots just arrived the other day…love them!  We picked the VALTER style with water resistant nylon and a double velcro closure.  The baby pink and cool black shades look chic together, while the reflective silver accents add flare.  Our tot has been toddling  around the house tickeled pink in them…practice makes for less falls.  The fit is snug, which will keep teeny tiny toes warm in the middle of a slush and snow filled January.  If the thought of winter boots depresses you, then add a little something extra to your order and pick out some snazzy fall foot wear.  You could pull a GWYNETH PALTROW and dress your babe in their red and white striped SMITH shoe.  GWYNNIE’S little MOSES looks brilliant in this signature model.  Perfect for that playdate with the mommies and children at the playground.  We’re sporting the STAN shoe this fall until it gets chillier.   Super comfy on our tots growing feet, and the ample padding let’s her wear it from sun up to sun down.  We chose the STAN in black…classy and hides the messes we get into.  Step up your style and get yourself a pair of VINCENT SHOES at… just one more thing you and Mrs. Martin will have in common.