Baby Clothes Find Of the Month: LILBIRD

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Now that Fall is here and hot chocolate has replaced lemonade, it’s time to warm up with some long sleeve tees for your wee one. Wanting your baby to stay original and stylish, you should check out the fresh designs at LILBIRD, a brilliant mommy run company that makes scrumptious onesies, tees and tanks. We love the hand died shades, and hand sewn ribbons and embroidery. Our Fall must have is the long sleeve Football tee….we got ours in pink. So soft, and so one of a kind. If you think their stylish clothes are fabulous, wait till you see the slick packaging that would impress even the most difficult mommy to buy for. Your tee comes wrapped up snug in a perfectly shaped egg with a sweet little bow. Brilliant! Bring that to a baby shower and here them Ohh and Ahh. Get your little bird dressed in LILBIRD before all those chic Hollywood mommies catch on (it’s always a thrill to outdress Gwyneth’s tots) at