First Aid For Bad Manners

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Whatever happened to the old fashioned hand written note card? In our Blackberry and text messaging obsessed world, we’ve managed to forget how lovely it is to give and receive a hand written note or Thank You card from a loved one. Part of the problem is lack of time ladies…who has time while juggling two kids, mommy yoga classes and fixing a delicious dinner to get out and find the perfect card? Not me. I’ve been saved too many times from poor manners with my Last Minute Card Kit from the super hip TINY PRINTS. This card company knows style with it’s clean designs and fresh graphics. This kit was designed exclusively for Entertainment Weekly’s Celebrity Oscar Gift Bags, and was snatched up by hot mums like NAOMI WATTS and BROOKE SHIELDS. Packed with ten cards for any occasion (Birthday, Valentines, Father’s Day…) and matching envelopes, this kit is a must for your purse so you never get caught empty handed. You could also follow celeb mom GWEN STEFANI’S lead and order some chic personalized stationary for your modern baby. So ditch the bad manners and stop sending those e-cards…get yourself some true style and pick up some TINY PRINTS at