Grocery Shop In Style

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There’s nothing more fashionable these days than showing your love for Mamma Earth. It’s the top priority for such fabulous celeb moms like GWYNETH PALTROW, and MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL. One way the baby and I help out is by getting the plastic out of our lives, one bag at a time. When we grocery shop we like to carry our organic yogurt and fresh baked baguettes in our snazzy new bag from SKEEDA. Made of durable cotton, these bags come in seven chic styles. Perfect for the market on a cool crisp Fall morning. We chose the Watermelon pattern and everyone wants to know where we got this fresh new bag. Washes like a dream (Miss Sticky Fingers likes to put her banana filled hands on it) and makes a smart choice as a gift bag for a birthday or baby shower. Wrap your gifts in a stylish SKEEDA bag that helps keep this planet clean for your babies. And, hey, even if your not into all that “save the Earth” jazz, at least you’ll look fresh and fabulous carrying your goods in a bag that does good. Save the planet at