Swag Me

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I thought I was going to die of excitement when my “unofficial” Emmy Swag Bag arrived from BABY SWAGS. No, I didn’t win, nor was I nominated, but it was fun to live like a celeb mommy and tear open my beautifully wrapped gift basket…I’ll shamelessly admit I dressed up for the occasion and sipped champagne while I checked out the fabulous products put together by the clever folks at BABY SWAGS. Received by all the nominees and winners of major awards at this years Emmy Awards (like Chandra Wilson and Mariska Hargitay).   This is not your average swag package, mommies. You see, all the fabulous and brilliant products are made by work at home moms and entrepreneur women. Companies are carefully chosen and the result is luxury gifts made with thought and care. We are so impressed with the selection. Loved the onesie and cute hat from HAPPY PANDA, so soft and made of eco friendly fabric and dies. GABRIEL’S AUNT provides one of their scrumptious all natural candles that smells so delicious. We loved the soothie ( mini blankie) made by RITZY BITZY. It’s kept our tot very soothed indeed. Yes, I could get used to the life of a celeb mommy, gift baskets and all. To see all the fantastic companies that were included in this BABY SWAGS treat, check out www.babyswags.com.