Sweet Baby Fashions

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BABY CANDY has caught our overly critical and hard to please eye. We’ll admit that it takes a lot to impress us at Celebrity Baby Clothes, and BABY CANDY has done it. This mommy owned company makes the most delicious onesies and tees, personalized if you like, and wraps them up like sweet candy. Brilliant gift idea, perfect shower gift for that exhausted new mom. Who doesn’t like candy? Made of super soft cotton, and available in yummy candy shades, these onesies have made there debut in Hollywood too. TRISTA SUTTER, showed off her little Maxwell in US Weekly recently, and he had the good taste to be sporting some BABY CANDY. True style starts young…get youR baby on the right fashion track and check out www.babycandystore.com

While you’re there, have a peek at their hilarious Halloween onesies…our tot has been cracking people up with hers, and they’re on sale now…marvelous!