Brilliant Holiday Shoes

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Now that Halloween is long gone and the only reminders are the empty candy wrappers and extra five pounds we’ve gained, it’s time to think about baby’s Holiday wardrobe. You know what you want your baby to wear this Thanksgiving and Christmas, but do you know what shoes you’ll get to match? Ditch the boring black matte and have a look at the Princessa sparklers at VINCENT SHOES. So shimmery and available in bold festive shades. We love our pair in gold, but pink looks super hip too. These shoes will catch all the lights of the Christmas tree and keep your toddler dancing the night away at your Holiday soirĂ©e. The velcro closure and leather interior makes these party shoes a mommy favorite. VINCENT SHOES are found on the stylish feet of GWYNETH PALTROW’S son and KATE WINSLET’S little tots…not bad company if we do say so ourselves. Get your party shoe on at