Cover It With Style

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We all have one in the corner of our living room or family room…just sitting there looking out of place. Playpens, or play yards as some like to call them are a fact of life when you have a baby. It keeps them safe when mommy needs to focus on something else, and it’s a great place for an afternoon snooze. Why do they have to be so boring and uninspired? I want a playpen with bold colors one day and neutral tones to match my space the next. I’m tired of “Graco Blue”. Thank goodness for the stylish playpen covers at COVERPLAYARD, a fabulous company that has changed the way my living room looks and feels. These soft, and machine washable slipcovers keep baby safe from germs and mommy safe from an un-stylish room. Celeb mommies SELMA HYACK and NAOMI WATTS are sprucing up their fabulous homes with these chic slipcovers. Perfect for travel when you want to cover up the hotel’s playpen. Get Covered up at