Practical & Stylish

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Now that Holiday season is upon us, it’s time for moms and dads to get practical about travel. How are you going to cart all of baby’s needs from the airport to your fabulous beach resort, and do it in style? We’ve had the pleasure of trying out LILLY GOLD’S Nap-Sac, a busy mom’s best friend. It’s a deluxe diaper bag, change station and bassinet all rolled into one…how genius. Perfect for the world traveling family, or the on-the-go new parents on your Christmas list. Love the funky zebra pattern and cool black shade (comes in a snazzy red too). We’ve found it makes visiting friends with the baby less stressful…now you have a bassinet to let baby drift off in while you get to relax and enjoy another cup of tea (or Shiraz). Lucky Celeb Baby Clothes readers get 10% off when they use the code CelebBabyClothes07 (expires 3/31/08). Truly fabulous. Check out and be impressed.