Handmade and Fabulous

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We’ve been enjoying a little vacation here at Celeb Baby Clothes and trying out tons of new goodies to tell you about (and getting caught up on all the celebrity mommy gossip…can you believe that Britney? The stories get crazier every day.) Now that we’ve all enjoyed a little rest and lots of yummy treats, it’s time to get back to telling you all what you’ll need to have this new year. 2008 will be about owning safe, handmade goods for you and baby that add a little gorgeousness to your busy mommy life. We’ve been lucky enough to try out the luxurious finds at QUEEN BEE CREATIONS. Their “Just In Case” zippered pouch is perfect for carrying your favorite Chanel shade, Nars blush, and a travel pack of baby wipes  to tidy up after lunch. Love the vibrant colors and super strong zippers they use. QUEEN BEE also has funky wallets that hold all your cards and cash in style. KATIE HOLMES made cupcakes the “IT” indulgence last year, so we had to choose their wallet with the playful cupcake pattern. Girly, but in a hip grownup way. QUEEN BEE CREATIONS is now my go to place for brilliant handmade gifts. Have a look at their yummy designs at www.queenbee-creations.com

Love That Tummy

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For all you pregnant mommies out there, have we got something fab for you! As you know, anything GWYNETH PALTROW has, we need to have (yes…still slightly obsessed). She was gifted a while back with BELLA B’S brilliant TUMMY HONEY, a must have to keep that growing belly baby soft and itch free. We’ve been hooked since and just had the chance to try their amazing eye cream. It really helped with the dark circles, and that chronic morning puffiness (if it could only convince the toddler to sleep through the night!). Love the subtle and refreshing scent and that it costs way less that any other eye cream I’ve tried. What more do you need? Owned by Gwynnie and tested and approved by us at Celebrity Baby Clothes, BELLA B is a definite must have. Check out all Mother’s Intuition has to offer at www.mothersintuition.com

Email us at celebritybabyclothescontest@gmail.com and tell us who your favorite celebrity mommy is and we’ll send you a Tummy Honey 3 Pack. One winner,random draw December 19 at midnight. Good Luck mommies!


Less Is More

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We all know how important it is to have the basics in your closet. All of us need that perfect black tee and timeless trench. Your wee ones are no different mommies, they need wardrobe staples too. We are so pleased with our toddler’s new tees and pants from Cottonseed Clothing. So soft (honestly the softest tees I’ve ever felt) and classic. Are you tired of looking for solid color tees without anything cute written on them? Cottonseed will solve that fashion problem. Our favorite shade is their raspberry…it just pops when paired with a dark denim. So toss those tired old slogan tees out and dress your babe in these simple and stylish basics from Cottonseed Clothing. Have a look at our favorite t’s at www.cottonseedclothing.com

Bamboo All The Way

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BAMBOOSA BABY has changed bath time at my house. I used to feel a slight twinge of mommy guilt every time I dunked the baby in a tub filled with commercial soap. What’s that stuff made of really? Lately we’ve been hooked on BAMBOOSA’S Bamboo Baby Soap Bar. It’s made with organic aloe and calendula. It smells so yummy and is made with safe ingredients such as essential oils. Mommy guilt out the window! Love BAMBOOSA’S soft hooded towels too…so decadent and cuddly against baby’s sensitive skin. We chose the Purely Natural towel as it is dye free and looks simply chic. It’s made of 80% bamboo, which is the hottest new material around. We think celeb mommies-to-be Christina and Nicole could use a little BAMBOOSA in their hectic Hollywood lives. Check out their stylishly earth friendly baby gear at www.bamboosa.com


Hatley’s Sleepwear Is Christmas

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In our house, Christmas means family time, delicious hot chocolate, playing scrabble till your eyes cross and new pajamas. It just isn’t Christmas unless we’re all decked out in snuggly warm jammies on the 24th. This year we’ve picked our new sleepwear from the hip and happening HATLEY, a favorite of celebrities who know comfort and style. We love their Penguin Coverall (comes with a nifty baby cap) in a stunning red…perfect for baby’s first Christmas. Our tot looks well dressed and comfy in the pink Hoos Sleepy PJ set. Featured in OPRAH’S magazine and a favorite of the PALTROW- MARTIN household, we know you’ll love the look and feel of HATLEY’S sleepwear. They have fresh styles for you, Dad and the kids. The Holidays are special, so toss aside your everyday flannels and slip on the super comfy pajamas from HATLEY at www.hatleynature.com

We’ve got a Santa coverall for your little wee one if you can tell us the names of the brothers that started this fabulous Canadian company. Email us at celebritybabyclothescontest@gmail.com with your answer. Include the size you want. All entires by December 7th at midnight. Bonne Chance Mammas!

Dante Beatrix Does It Again

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We are in love with just about all of DANTE BEATRIX’S chic and funky creations. Our latest obsession involves their practical and stylish envelopes. These perfectly sized diaper and wipe totes are big enough to fit the essentials and fashionable enough to flash while brunching on Robertson with the ladies. We’ve used it for baby needs and as a toiletry bag on a recent getaway. It fit all my Mac, Bumble and L’occitane without any troubles. ( the baby may have to get her own envelope after all!). We chose their metallic envelope in silver, as metals are all the rage this season. The GOLD LOVE envelope is a stunner too. DANTE BEATRIX is no stranger to fame, as they have been featured in InStyle, The New York Times and the coveted Us Weekly (my guilty pleasure). These snazzy envelopes make a brilliant shower gift, especially when filled with lots of little treats for the mommy-to-be. Have a look at DANTE’S delicious baby gear at www.dantebeatrix.com


Love This Diaper Bag

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New Skooch Bags

Do you have diaper bag envy? I know I do…anytime we head out for lunch with the ladies, I always check out what the other mommies are carrying . Well look out mommies, cause you’ll all be drooling over my latest diaper bag find over lattes next week. I am head over heals for my chic new baby bag from SKOOCH. They have two new color combos to choose from. We picked the funky WATER bag in the GROOVY style. With it’s blue, teal, olive and sage shades it will go with just about any outfit (don’t roll your eyes…you know that’s super important). The new BRONZE bag looks sleek and fabulous, with a little more edge. Both have tons of room and pockets to keep all your needs (Cosmo and People included) safe and organized. Made in New York, these bags will freshen up your winter wardrobe and make mommy days out even more stylish. Celeb mommies-to-be will be asking you where you got your great diaper bag. Take a peek at SKOOCH’S brilliant new line at www.tayorsbaby.com

Tell us who the founder of SKOOCH is and you can win one of their fabulous bags. Hint: Go to their web site at www.babyskooch.com and you’ll find the answer. Contest ends December 3 at midnight mommies! Email the answer and any comments you have to celebritybabyclothescontest@gmail.com. GOOD LUCK!