Bamboo All The Way

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BAMBOOSA BABY has changed bath time at my house. I used to feel a slight twinge of mommy guilt every time I dunked the baby in a tub filled with commercial soap. What’s that stuff made of really? Lately we’ve been hooked on BAMBOOSA’S Bamboo Baby Soap Bar. It’s made with organic aloe and calendula. It smells so yummy and is made with safe ingredients such as essential oils. Mommy guilt out the window! Love BAMBOOSA’S soft hooded towels too…so decadent and cuddly against baby’s sensitive skin. We chose the Purely Natural towel as it is dye free and looks simply chic. It’s made of 80% bamboo, which is the hottest new material around. We think celeb mommies-to-be Christina and Nicole could use a little BAMBOOSA in their hectic Hollywood lives. Check out their stylishly earth friendly baby gear at