Handmade and Fabulous

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We’ve been enjoying a little vacation here at Celeb Baby Clothes and trying out tons of new goodies to tell you about (and getting caught up on all the celebrity mommy gossip…can you believe that Britney? The stories get crazier every day.) Now that we’ve all enjoyed a little rest and lots of yummy treats, it’s time to get back to telling you all what you’ll need to have this new year. 2008 will be about owning safe, handmade goods for you and baby that add a little gorgeousness to your busy mommy life. We’ve been lucky enough to try out the luxurious finds at QUEEN BEE CREATIONS. Their “Just In Case” zippered pouch is perfect for carrying your favorite Chanel shade, Nars blush, and a travel pack of baby wipes  to tidy up after lunch. Love the vibrant colors and super strong zippers they use. QUEEN BEE also has funky wallets that hold all your cards and cash in style. KATIE HOLMES made cupcakes the “IT” indulgence last year, so we had to choose their wallet with the playful cupcake pattern. Girly, but in a hip grownup way. QUEEN BEE CREATIONS is now my go to place for brilliant handmade gifts. Have a look at their yummy designs at www.queenbee-creations.com