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New Skooch Bags

Do you have diaper bag envy? I know I do…anytime we head out for lunch with the ladies, I always check out what the other mommies are carrying . Well look out mommies, cause you’ll all be drooling over my latest diaper bag find over lattes next week. I am head over heals for my chic new baby bag from SKOOCH. They have two new color combos to choose from. We picked the funky WATER bag in the GROOVY style. With it’s blue, teal, olive and sage shades it will go with just about any outfit (don’t roll your eyes…you know that’s super important). The new BRONZE bag looks sleek and fabulous, with a little more edge. Both have tons of room and pockets to keep all your needs (Cosmo and People included) safe and organized. Made in New York, these bags will freshen up your winter wardrobe and make mommy days out even more stylish. Celeb mommies-to-be will be asking you where you got your great diaper bag. Take a peek at SKOOCH’S brilliant new line at

Tell us who the founder of SKOOCH is and you can win one of their fabulous bags. Hint: Go to their web site at and you’ll find the answer. Contest ends December 3 at midnight mommies! Email the answer and any comments you have to GOOD LUCK!