Bounce In Style

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I’m all about simple, stylish and chic baby gear this second time around. Products that are made with care and with natural materials (lead free would be a nice start wouldn’t it?). SVAN of Sweden has us hooked on their fabulous bouncer. Love the bent birch wood base and choice of solid fabric colors…and the fact that no batteries are required. I used to think the more gadgets the better, but now I know that a simple little rocking from my foot on the base of this bouncer will lull my little one into calmness. The seat is adjustable, so baby can lay back or sit up and see the world. SVAN is a Hollywood fave and this bouncer first caught my eye when featured on the ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW. We chose the Vanilla and Sage color combo after we saw how yummy it looked in pics from KIM RAVER’S baby shower thrown by BROOK SHIELDS. This bouncer is designed for the style conscience parent and baby that loves a good bounce. If you’re tired of overstimulating baby gear like we are, then head on over to ( for our Canadian mommies) and get your baby this fresh new bouncer.