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We know how you feel mommy….you just got home from what was supposed to be a refreshing walk with your little bub using your new baby carrier. You wanted to stop at the market, pick up some fresh bread and yummy cheese, and perhaps stop in that new boutique. But your back is killing you and you can’t get your baby comfortable, so you came home early and cranky. We’ve got a solution for you called PORTAMEE. It is hands down the most comfortable and chic baby carrier we’ve ever tried. It’s designed so you carry your baby on your hip. That means no back pain and you can look into your wee one’s eyes as you stroll along. We especially love the classy look and shades to choose from. We chose the rich chocolate brown, stylish enough for me and manly enough for daddy. No more need for taking a diaper bag with you, as this fantastic carrier has well placed pockets for a few diapers, wipes and a spot for you to carry babe’s bottle. There’s even a spot for your cell, wallet and lipbalm…how fabulous is that? Both your hands will be free (to carry all those shoe bags home!). If you feel like really splashing out you can always get PORTAMEE’S couture carrier made of leather and shearling…you’ll have HALLE, NICOLE and all of those Hollywood mommies drooling with envy. Toss that Baby Bjorn momma and get true comfort. If you can’t make it to Bergdorf or Neiman Marcus, no worries…they’ll ship it to ya at www.portamee.com

One thought on “Fabulous & Clever : Portamee Baby Carriers

  1. I bought one of these carriers and I just had to write that this thing rocks.
    i was searching for a baby carrier for our 8 month old 22 pound daughter.
    i just couldn’t do that bjorn anymore because she was getting too big and too heavy for it.
    we got the dark brown one.
    the quality was v. nice.
    i tried to buy it on amazon but they were sold out so we went to Neiman Marcus before eventually buying it direct from the company. (they had it for $149 and it was $180 on Neiman Marcus.com)
    It’s a good product because i can carry Olivia on my side and i can talk to her, but i can still hold our three year old’s hand while walking her to / from school.
    My husband, who is pretty tough to please when it comes to these kinds of things now takes our 8 month old olivia out for walks because with all of those pockets, he doesn’t have to carry a diaper bag.