Celebrity Mommy Fave: Cariboo Bassinet

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A bassinet that looks stylish and keeps your baby soothed for hours between feedings (who knew newborns could eat so much?) is worth every penny. We are absolutely in love with our Cariboo Gentle Motions Bassinet…as functional as it is beautiful. Made of eco friendly radiata wood from New Zealand, your baby will sleep in pure luxury. We love the simple lines and way it fits into our decor…no bells or whistles needed. Your baby can be lulled to sleep with gentle rocking, and the straps are adjustable so you can elevate babe’s head if he’s fussy. CARIBOO makes bassinets that Hollywood mommies crave. TORI SPELLING, MARISKA HARGITAY, CHRISTINA AGUILERA and JENNIFER GARNER are just a few lucky celeb mommies that own one of these coveted bassinets . JESSICA ALBA was just gifted one from TYRA BANKS on her talk show. That Tyra has fabulous taste. Soothe baby to sleep, and get some zzz’s yourself with CARIBOO’S must have bassinet. www.2modern.com will help you out with all the details.


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