Swaddle In Style

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We love products that make a mom’s exhausting and challenging job easier. When we heard about SOLANA BABY WEAR and their fabulous swaddling blankets, we had to try them out ourselves. These gorgeous blankets are super light weight and make swaddling your babe a cinch. We have the heat on full blast during the chilly months and needed a blankie that was breathable to wrap our wee one up for her long winter naps. We tried out the cotton eyelet, trimmed in a stylish pink satin. Me and the baby loved it…she slept, and mommy got to put her feet up for a few hours of deserved magazine reading (the laundry can wait!). Perfect for hot summer nights and well heated winter homes, SOLANA blankets have found a place in the posh homes of TORI SPELLING (soon to have baby #2) and MARCIA CROSS. Swaddle your baby with this brilliant blanket and get some much needed rest yourself momma! SOLANA BABY WEAR will set you and baby up at www.solanababywear.com