Kids Clothes You’ll Drool Over

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When you’ve got fabulous celeb mommies like Sarah McLachlan, Diana Krall and Jennifer Beals buying your clothing line, you know you made it. REDFISH KIDS is a mommy owned childrens clothing line that inspires and makes you wish you could fit into it. According to the owner, the line is influenced by the street fashions in Asia. We at Celebrity Baby Clothes especially love REDFISH’S dresses…so bold and gorgeous. Our tot loves her Mandarin Swing dress so much she cries when it’s time to take it off. It makes a fabulous party dress. When she gets too tall for it she’ll be able to wear it with leggings. We also think their sushi and geisha tees are a summer must have. Get some Canadian Westcoast style at

Mommy Favorite:Playful Chef

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Toys that let your little one have fun while teaching them useful life lessons are the best thing ever. We are loving the fabulous PLAYFUL CHEF DELUXE COOKING KIT. It allows you to spend quality time with your wee one making delicious food and teaches them about measuring, following directions and sharing. I don’t know about you mommy, but I feel so guilty turning on the TV for the toddler just so I can get some cooking done. By cooking together way we can share some quality time¬† and make something yummy for the whole family. This brilliant kit comes with all the essentials for a fun day in the kitchen and includes five recipe cards (the chocolate cake recipe is yum!). Love the snazzy denim apron that it comes with too. This kit would be a total hit as a birthday present. Bring out the inner Jamie Oliver or Nigella in your wee one with PLAYFUL CHEF. Go to for a list of all the places you can get your own kit and start cooking.


Baby Basics With Edge

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Babies and toddlers need basics in their wardrobe just as much as mommy.With the right pieces, you’ll always have something fabulous to wear. But the basics need not be boring, especially when we’re talking about the super hip Swedish clothing company SHAMPOODLE. It’s their brilliant tracksuits that caught our eye. The arms and legs are ribbed giving it a modern look and extra room to grow. We love that the ribbed legs fit into our wee one’s winter boots…keeps her warm while this winter weather hangs on a little too long. SHAMPOODLE’S new spring line looks just as stylish as well, with their moss green tracksuit and Japanese baseball jackets. These designs are so fresh and hip that it will only be a matter of time till we see Hollywood babies sporting their creations. Can’t you just see Gwen’s little Kingston rocking the baseball jacket? Add some Euro style to your tot’s wardrobe at

Comforting & Impressive

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Every child has that special blankie or stuffed toy that they love. Wouldn’t it be great if that treasured necessity could be eco friendly and safe? Our new find, Noonoo, makes fabulous comfort blankets and playthings that are are designed using unbleached and organic cotton, bamboo and organic lambswool. How fantastic is that? Since babies and toddlers love to put anything and everything into their mouth, at least their favorite toy and blankie can be as safe as possible. We are in love with their Counting Sheep Comfort Blanket…so imaginative. Handcrafted and individually embroidered, this felted lambswool blankie will keep your new little bean busy and content. Love the use of genuine children’s art and the fact that this comfort blanket is totally machine washable (washable is the only way to go mommies!). Noonoo also makes the most brilliant organic and bamboo Sheep Rattle that will become your favorite baby shower gift to give. It’s rattle is so subtle that it will sooth baby and not give mommy a headache. What more do you need? We think Noonoo’s creations are classy and luxurious and definitely celeb mommy worthy. Get info on where you can add some Noonoo into your wee ones world at


Rain Boots Made For Showing Off

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Patrick and Thomas, the creative designers at VINCENT SHOES have done it again mommies. They have made a shoe that we just can’t live without. Once I saw their fabulous and fun new line of rain boots called Djungel, we had to try them out. The African jungle theme and bright colors used by VINCENT makes my toddler love putting them on, and the reflective strip on the heel and roomy fit makes putting them on with warm thick socks a breeze. Out of the four animal options we chose the pink boots with flamingos…so smart and sassy that I wish I had a pair to match. VINCENT SHOES first caught my eye when I spotted GWYNETH PALTROW’S little boy wearing their brilliant Smith design, but it’s the quality and the timeless style that keeps me hooked. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for summer! Get yourself hooked on the “IT” rain boot this spring at

Get Fit In Stylish Nursing Active Wear

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We all want that celeb post baby body. Although that may not be very realistic or healthy (since when is size 2 considered normal? Skin and bones is neither stylish or sexy mommas) it is good to get active once your doctor gives you the OK. But what does a stylish new mommy wear while breastfeeding and maintaining an active lifestyle? MOUNTAIN BLUE EYES makes tees and lightweight fleece jackets that facilitate breastfeeding and keep you cool and hip while you take you daily hike. Antibacterial, and breathable, these tees will let you breastfeed baby in comfort and discreetly. The material even wicks away moisture (breastfeeding in the warmer months can be a sweaty event ladies). The fleece jackets are perfect for cool evenings and early morning jogs. The well placed zippers and extra room in the bust are are a must for the active mom who likes to start the day with an urban stroll. It’s about time breastfeeding moms had clothes designed for their changing bodies. We love MOUNTAIN BLUE EYES , and think their bold blue tee is a must for spring time. Check out this Canadian company and keep an eye out for their fitted tanks and c-section capri pants that are debuting soon at

Pamper Yourself Like A Celebrity Mom

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Farmhouse Fresh

After a long tiring day on a movie set, celebrity moms need to rest up and unwind.¬† If they need a break, so do you momma! After feeding, washing, cleaning and dealing with toddlers who have melt downs at the mere thought of nap time, you need to put your feet up and enjoy some “me” time. Why not pamper yourself like a fabulous star and have a little spa moment at home? Wait till the wee ones are fast asleep, pop on your guilty afternoon soap, break out the bon bons and tear into your new treat from FARMHOUSE FRESH. A favorite of celeb mommy COURTENEY COX, FARMHOUSE FRESH makes fabulous creams and scrubs that will take indulgence to a new level. We had to try their Honey Heel Glaze after hearing so much about it, and we are hooked. It smells so delicious that it should have a “do not eat warning”. It comes in a charming jam jar and includes a little application brush to make it even more posh. It’s our new obsession. Our heels are soft and subtle just in time for spring. We recommend exfoliating with FARMHOUSE FRESH Fine Foot Scrub first (an Oprah fave), as this makes the glaze even more effective. So put aside the laundry, let the dishes soak and let the baby nap an extra half hour. Get gorgeous heels at in the US, and our Canadian mommies can go to

Simple & Chic Hair Clips

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Less is more mommies. Ditch the big bows and Disney cartoon hair ornaments and get some classy barrettes from RIBBIES CLIPPIES. They are fabulous hair clips, as we’ve told you in the past, and always make a bad hair day better. Made of gorgeous ribbon and modern patterns, these clips take baby’s outfit to the next level in a very subtle way. Neither fussy nor “blingy”(can’t stand anything with too much sparkle or dazzle) these clips are perfect to keep those growing bangs out of the way. We love their new gift sets that pair five clips together. Makes a fab present for that girly baby shower or birthday party thats around the corner. You can have a look at these hip and fresh clips at

We have three sets of Ribbies Clippies to give away. Tell us what you want to hear more about on Celebrity Baby Clothes and email your answer (by Monday at midnight) to

Carry Your Baby Like A Celebrity

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Chic Papoose

Wouldn’t life be just a little more fabulous if we got invited to those swag events like all those celebrity moms? Admit it…free baby stuff makes your heart beat a little faster too. It’s strangely thrilling to own the same baby gear as GWYNETH and ANGELINA. Our latest find is CHIC PAPOOSE and their brilliant slings were gifted to Oscar nominees and presenting moms, and their baby carriers were a hit at the Golden Globes gifting suite…how more Hollywood could they get? TORI and KATIE must have been tickled to receive such a gorgeous sling. We had the pleasure of testing out one of CHIC PAPOOSE’S fresh designs and couldn’t be more pleased. It’s super comfortable which really is the most important factor when buying a baby sling. The wide strap keeps your shoulder comfy while you stroll around the farmer’s market. Love the funky patterns they use and the fact that it’s reversible. For mommies this is a lifesaver when the wee one spills chocolate milk on one side…just flip it over and you’ve got yourself another sling. CHIC PAPOOSE has so many delicious designs to choose from, that your own personal style and flare can shine through. So swag yourself with one of these fashionable baby slings at

Safe Sippy Is The Way To Go

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We can’t rave enough about this fabulous new find. A sippy cup free of all those nasty chemicals with difficult to pronounce names like bisphenol-A and phthalates. With all the news these days about how unsafe certain plastics can be, it’s so reassuring to know that my toddler’s drinking cup full of organic OJ is not leeching dangerous chemicals. We love the sleek look and practicality of the stainless steel body and thermo rubber sleeve. When we put cold water in her SAFE SIPPY, it stays cold. The bright colors and easy to grip handles make our wee one a happy sipper too. Safety and style will make this sippy cup a hit at your next baby shower. With the latest baby boom in Hollywood, it’s only a matter of time before we see which celeb mommies are clever enough to choose the SAFE SIPPY. Check out to find where you can get this baby must have.