Mommy Favorite:Playful Chef

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Toys that let your little one have fun while teaching them useful life lessons are the best thing ever. We are loving the fabulous PLAYFUL CHEF DELUXE COOKING KIT. It allows you to spend quality time with your wee one making delicious food and teaches them about measuring, following directions and sharing. I don’t know about you mommy, but I feel so guilty turning on the TV for the toddler just so I can get some cooking done. By cooking together way we can share some quality timeĀ  and make something yummy for the whole family. This brilliant kit comes with all the essentials for a fun day in the kitchen and includes five recipe cards (the chocolate cake recipe is yum!). Love the snazzy denim apron that it comes with too. This kit would be a total hit as a birthday present. Bring out the inner Jamie Oliver or Nigella in your wee one with PLAYFUL CHEF. Go to for a list of all the places you can get your own kit and start cooking.