Safe Sippy Is The Way To Go

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We can’t rave enough about this fabulous new find. A sippy cup free of all those nasty chemicals with difficult to pronounce names like bisphenol-A and phthalates. With all the news these days about how unsafe certain plastics can be, it’s so reassuring to know that my toddler’s drinking cup full of organic OJ is not leeching dangerous chemicals. We love the sleek look and practicality of the stainless steel body and thermo rubber sleeve. When we put cold water in her SAFE SIPPY, it stays cold. The bright colors and easy to grip handles make our wee one a happy sipper too. Safety and style will make this sippy cup a hit at your next baby shower. With the latest baby boom in Hollywood, it’s only a matter of time before we see which celeb mommies are clever enough to choose the SAFE SIPPY. Check out to find where you can get this baby must have.