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Less is more mommies. Ditch the big bows and Disney cartoon hair ornaments and get some classy barrettes from RIBBIES CLIPPIES. They are fabulous hair clips, as we’ve told you in the past, and always make a bad hair day better. Made of gorgeous ribbon and modern patterns, these clips take baby’s outfit to the next level in a very subtle way. Neither fussy nor “blingy”(can’t stand anything with too much sparkle or dazzle) these clips are perfect to keep those growing bangs out of the way. We love their new gift sets that pair five clips together. Makes a fab present for that girly baby shower or birthday party thats around the corner. You can have a look at these hip and fresh clips at

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4 thoughts on “Simple & Chic Hair Clips

  1. I love the cool designs of these clips but after actually using them, they 1.) didn’t stay in my daughter’s normal to fine straight hair and 2.) were poorly constructed in my opinion.

    I would say that for really curly hair, they would do the job, but I would like less of a glue mess and a little more as far as quality.

    Very cool ribbons though, and they are cheap:)!

  2. Hi, I’m the editor of Celebrity Baby Clothes and I monitor the comments. I love hearing from all my readers, but I have to say that I really do love these clips. To each his or her own,however these clips really are fabulous. My wee one’s hair is super thin and wispy and they stay in even while she’s at daycare after a long day of playing and running. Please keep your comments coming, I really love hearing what you think.
    Celeb Baby Clothes

  3. I have to agree with CBC. I have bought several pairs of Ribbies over the past year and they are the only clips that stay in my daughters hair. I’ve never seen any glue on any of my clips. They are very well made, high quality hair clips.
    Most importantly, my daughter loves wearing them:)

  4. Might have been a fluke, but this was my experience honestly. Like I said, I love the idea of them and the cool designs, but I though that functionally and quality-wise, they did not work for us.

    One thing that I love the most about the kids product blogs that I read are their honesty about the products and getting that info before I go out and buy something. I think it’s great to be sure of what you are buying before the money gets spent.

    Mine did have some very visible glue , and they did not stay in as well as I had hoped. That’s all. I am glad to hear that this is not everyone’s experience though:)!