Organic Onesies That Inspire

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What will TORI’S new little bundle be wearing this summer? Perhaps a onesie from PONDUR, a fabulous company that specializes in organic baby apparel. She was just one of the many celeb mommies that picked up some sweet onesies at this years Boom Boom Room in LA (celebs and fabulous baby clothes all under one roof…could it get any more exciting? Makes our heart beat faster). We tried out their organic “My Possibilities Are Endless” natural color onesie with cocoa writing….so simple and so perfect for that new little baby that’s taken over your house. It washes well and we find it gets softer with each load. PONDUR also uses low impact dyes and water based ink. How brilliant is that? Show your baby how to be green from the start at

Fashion Forecast: Bold Rainwear For Kids

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summer showers

When the skies are gray and the wet weather just won’t stop, you and your baby need to brighten your day somehow. For mommy, it’s a swipe of bold red lipstick and a double shot latte…for baby it’s a fabulous bright raincoat to go splash around in. You can’t hide from spring showers, so you might as well embrace the wet weather and dress up for the occasion. We love the latest edition at HATLEY NATURE, a truly fabulous Canadian clothing company that will keep your tot looking stylish with it’s new Summer Garden raincoat. So stunning and colorful with it’s pretty blooms and eye catching yellow. As a mommy who always worries if her toddler is warm enough, we know she is while wearing this slicker, as it is lined with soft cotton. HATLEY knows how to dress for the elements. GWYNETH PALTROW and JENNY GARTH are a couple of stylish celeb mommies who know what we do: HATLEY NATURE makes brilliant clothes that are hip, smart and cheeky. Keep your wee one fashionably dry at

Shoes Fit for the Playground & Runway

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Eve's Red Apples
We all do it. We buy shoes for our wee ones that look cute, but can’t handle the go-go lifestyle of our toddlers. Your tot needs a pair of fun and funky shoes that can handle the playground and look smashing while at lunch with mommy and the ladies. We love the shoes from LIVIE & LUCA for their sturdiness, style and commitment to charities and the environment. Last year our tot was sporting their Fun Dots pair in navy…they held up so well to the challenge that we turned to them again for our summer sandals. We received their Marina yellow leather sandals the other day and again we are super impressed with the look and feel. Modern, comfy (the sole is flexible) and certainly eye catching, LIVIE & LUCA never fails to wow us. Our tots feet say it all…never a blister or an “ouch” after hours of play and fun. Did we mention that we heard that KATIE, VICTORIA and MADONNA trust their kids feet to LIVIE &LUCA? Smart mommies with tons of style. Tell us what you think of these fantastic handmade shoes after you check them out at

Fig Kids: Organic Clothing With Style

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Fig Kids Organic Baby Clothes

When shopping for new clothes for your children,we think organic is the way to go. When shopping for clothes that are made of organic cotton, you want something stylish and original. We were thrilled to hear about FIG KIDS, a brilliant Canadian company that makes clothes free of all those nasty pesticides and chemicals that really are completely unnecessary. Why expose your newborn’s skin to things that are harmful, when you can get safe and fashionable clothes so easily? We know Hollywood has taken notice of this fab company as JULIA ROBERTS little Hazel has been photographed sporting their creations. We have one of their snazzy footed sleepers and toddler underwear sets. Such a fresh take on two wardrobe staples for your kids. Nothing boring about these organics. Love the classic cuts and choice of colors…very Euro and modern. We think FIG KIDS creates what mommies want: super hip, earth friendly clothes. Copy Julia’s smart choice and choose FIG KIDS at


Safe Baby Bottles With Style To Spare

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Green To Grow Green To Grow

There’s been a lot in the news lately about baby bottles and how unsafe many of them are. We’ve sussed out the whole baby bottle thing and have decided that GREEN TO GROW is going to be our choice when it comes to using a BPA free bottle. We love the look and feel of their sweet bottles…just look at that smiling fruit and try not to grin (you don’t have to smile if it’s that dreaded 3AM feed). They come in two sizes and you can choose a regular or wide neck, depending on your wee ones preference. You know you’ve made it when Instyle magazine features you, and GREEN TO GROW made their “Green Mom & Kids” list…chemical free and hip, what more do you need? It’s time we payed attention to what we expose our children to and switch to safer baby products. Check out and see what makes us safe and happy.

Gorgeous Maternity Swimwear….It’s True!

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We know what you’re thinking…can maternity swim wear be stylish? Is is really possible? If you check out the new creations at AMORALIA, our fave spot to shop for fashionable maternity lingerie, you’ll see that flattering maternity swimsuits can be a reality. We had the pleasure of testing out their Angelica Halterneck Tankini. So comfy and it makes you feel so pretty and glowing with it’s fantastic cut and stunning color. The halter neck is so flattering to show off your growing bust line. We think it will be perfect for the months following delivery, when you still want a little extra coverage of your belly. AMORALIA also makes a super chic black maternity tankini that will look fabulous at you next pool party or beach picnic. This is what it’s all about you yummy mummies…show off that growing bump at the beach with pride and confidence! Strut it like you’re Heidi or Angelina. This hip maternity lingerie line is based in London, but do ship worldwide. So ditch your ill fitting or tattered swimsuit, and your enormous cover up and get dressed up in one of AMORALIA’S brilliant and classy pregnancy swimsuits at

Hip & Smart Travel Gear For Baby

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Can you tell we have travel on our minds? When spring hits we can’t help but think of the warm summer months ahead and how fabulous it is to jump on a plane and have a fun family vacation(yes it can be done mommas). How do you keep a wee one busy on long car rides down Route 66 and delayed flights at Heathrow? What do you do when they tire of the DVD and start to whinge? Keep them busy with all the cool and well chosen travel finds at Little Jet Set, a fabulous web site that has everything from funky suitcases to amazingly soft blankets for that much needed nap. They carry must have products from many exclusive brands including Lug, Mud Pie and Latitude Enfant. When you’re a busy mommy you don’t have time to research all the hip and fabulous things you need to make travel time more fun and enjoyable. Little Jet Set does all the work for us busy parents and is run by two mommies that know their stuff. We chose several little luxuries from their site to make our trip run more smoothly: A travel capsule from Lug (mommy needs some treats too), a super soft Dino Play Blanket by Mud Pie and Little Docs Starter Kit to keep our babe’s sensitive skin happy in new surroundings. Little Jet Set will make sure you have the perfect travel toys and gear to make it through your next big adventure. Check out


Baby Must Have: Stylish Passport Holder

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What’s the most put together baby carrying these days? A chic passport holder to get herself around the world with mommy and daddy in style. Got a trip to Paris booked? Show up at Charles De Gaulle looking chic and haughty with babe’s new passport carrier.We think Mary Jane Bags makes the best ones we’ve ever had the pleasure of using. Their designs have been featured in Lucky and Instyle magazine, two of our favorites here. The patterns are fabulous and your toddler will love having their own little passport case. They make a brilliant gift for mommy and baby when planning a little family getaway. We chose the oil cloth passport holder in pink toile…so perfectly girly that our little one squeals with delight when she takes it out. When on the road your little one will also need a functional and gorgeous bib to go to all those posh restaurants you’ve been dying to try out. Mary Jane makes some sweet oil cloth bibs that will keep the mess to a minimum while you tour Tuscany and trek through the Outback. Have a peek at all of Mary Jane Bags  creations at


Super Soft Baby Clothes

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Kicky Pants

kicky pants

Our new favorite thing here at Celebrity Baby Clothes? Baby apparel made from all natural bamboo. When we discovered that KICKY PANTS has a line of bamboo basics, we had to try them out. We gave their Bamboo Coverall a test spin and we’re addicted. Soft just doesn’t describe how yummy it feels against baby’s sensitive skin. Let’s just say if they made it for mommies, I’d be wearing this coverall all day too! Bamboo makes us happy because it naturally wicks moisture away from babe’s body and keeps them dry and comfortable. There’s no terrible chemicals involved in the processing of these bamboo outfits, so you can toss away the mommy guilt too. The color choices are gorgeous and soothing and we love the drop down bum that makes the frequent diaper checks a breeze. We heard that celeb mommy ANGELINA is a fan too and bought little SHILOH a dress from this mommy owned company. We always knew Angie had good taste in men and baby clothes. Get yourself hooked on bamboo baby clothes at

Modern & Fresh: Zen Collection by Fisher Price

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What do hip and stylish mommies want? Baby gear that compliments our own personal style. We don’t want over sized cartoon characters and out of tune lullabies. We want baby’s bassinet and highchair to look fabulous in our living space.  We want calm and inviting pieces that show our brilliant taste. Thank goodness FISHER PRICE has started to hear our cries and have created a gorgeous and soothing line of baby necessities simply called The Zen Collection. We had the pleasure of trying out their new infant seat. Very impressive. We love the dark wood accents and the sage green and chocolate brown fabrics along with the free hanging dragonfly toy. The chair vibrates and plays several different tunes and nature sounds. It’s so relaxing that we almost fell into a restful sleep too. It’s time to toss the loud and tacky baby gear and get back to simpler and more nurturing times at