Safe Baby Bottles With Style To Spare

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Green To Grow Green To Grow

There’s been a lot in the news lately about baby bottles and how unsafe many of them are. We’ve sussed out the whole baby bottle thing and have decided that GREEN TO GROW is going to be our choice when it comes to using a BPA free bottle. We love the look and feel of their sweet bottles…just look at that smiling fruit and try not to grin (you don’t have to smile if it’s that dreaded 3AM feed). They come in two sizes and you can choose a regular or wide neck, depending on your wee ones preference. You know you’ve made it when Instyle magazine features you, and GREEN TO GROW made their “Green Mom & Kids” list…chemical free and hip, what more do you need? It’s time we payed attention to what we expose our children to and switch to safer baby products. Check out and see what makes us safe and happy.