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Kicky Pants

kicky pants

Our new favorite thing here at Celebrity Baby Clothes? Baby apparel made from all natural bamboo. When we discovered that KICKY PANTS has a line of bamboo basics, we had to try them out. We gave their Bamboo Coverall a test spin and we’re addicted. Soft just doesn’t describe how yummy it feels against baby’s sensitive skin. Let’s just say if they made it for mommies, I’d be wearing this coverall all day too! Bamboo makes us happy because it naturally wicks moisture away from babe’s body and keeps them dry and comfortable. There’s no terrible chemicals involved in the processing of these bamboo outfits, so you can toss away the mommy guilt too. The color choices are gorgeous and soothing and we love the drop down bum that makes the frequent diaper checks a breeze. We heard that celeb mommy ANGELINA is a fan too and bought little SHILOH a dress from this mommy owned company. We always knew Angie had good taste in men and baby clothes. Get yourself hooked on bamboo baby clothes at