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Wouldn’t it be nice to have time to knit your baby some clothes and toys? Not all of us have the time or much needed talent to do so. Thank goodness for BLA BLA KIDS, a fabulous company that designs and creates knitted clothing, toys, puppets and mobiles from soft and natural fibers. After looking at all their gorgeous products we finally decided on one of BLA BLA’S sweet mobiles. It’s simple, yet very engaging…it doesn’t make noise or come with batteries or start up when the baby cries, and that’s the beauty of it. This mobile really looks and feels like something your loving Grandma made. Knitted by Peruvian artisans in a fair trade environment, we think you’ll find that BLA BLA’S creations are something you’ll want to hand down from this generation to the next. Everything they make is just so cuddly and unbelievably soft…are we gushing too much? Can’t help it. We just love their concept and creations so much and think they are super gush worthy. Have a look at their shop and get as addicted as we are to BLA BLA at

Play Outside In Style

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We have a general rule around here at Celeb Baby Clothes…if it’s good enough for the gorgeous model mommy CHRISTY TURLINGTON, then it’s good enough for us. We heard that CHRISTY is a fan of OUTSIDE BABY, a company that makes very functional and durable outdoor products and clothing.  We spotted their hip and modern Cooler Backpack, and we decided to try it out. Now that it’s getting warmer, it’s so nice to pack a picnic lunch or supper…but what about all the other stuff you have to lug for baby and family? This particular backpack has a roomy cooler on the bottom and a separate compartment up top for all your necessities like diapers, wipes, picnic blanket and sunscreen. We’ve been packing it up with yummy treats and baby gear the past few weekends and are super impressed. It’s not too heavy when full, the straps do not dig in, and the style is very fresh and appealing. What more do you and Christy need? Sure it’s cute to carry your wicker picnic basket while having a family day out, but not very practical. This bag is perfect for a fun city day of museums and cafes, and for a sunny day at the beach. Go see all the brilliant outdoor gear and clothing that OUTSIDE BABY has created at

Comfy & Modern Baby Carrier

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Baby carriers have come a long way mommas. We no longer have to suffer sore backs and straps that dig into our shoulders. Hip carriers are all the rage now, and for good reason. We especially love our SCOOTABABY CARRIER, a brilliant creation that has made our trips to the weekend market more comfortable and enjoyable. Made with premium dark denim (yes, it matches all your outfits mommy…and yes that does matter) this carrier is stylish and so original compared to others on the market. What sets it apart is the fleece shoulder strap that is really comfy and the deep seat for baby’s bottom. As any mommy will tell you, there is nothing worse than getting your little one all set up in your carrier, only to take them out five minutes later because the strap is causing pain….we’ve all been there. We must say that the SCOOTABABY has performed really well. We think we’ve found our true match and both mommy and toddler are happy. Hip carriers are perfect for days you have lots of errands to run, or shopping to do as they really let you remain hands free, while staying close to baby. Have a look at these functional carriers at and let us know what you think.


Little Twig Is All That & More

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We’ve tested and tried tons of baby creams, bath products and fancy shampoos over the years. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it. We were lucky enough to finally test out an all natural bath and body product line for children called LITTLE TWIG. We’ve read that Miss Paltrow and Courteney Cox are fans, and we had to see what all the fuss was about. With all the worry over chemicals and unnecessary additives in baby products, we wanted to find something safe and natural to switch to. LITTLE TWIG uses organic and botanical ingredients that smell divine and they’re super gentle on babe’s skin. We’ve been stealing our wee one’s Lavender & Lemon & Tea Tree Body Milk and slathering it on after after our baths too…so creamy and it absorbs very quickly. Also impressive is the Tangerine & Lemon & Rosemary Bubble Bath…tons of bubbles and the scent is subtle and refreshing. Since it’s free of sulfates and parabens, it was perfect on our toddler’s sensitive skin (and mommy’s and daddy’s). For those who like their bath products scent free, LITTLE TWIG makes shampoos, washes and lotions for you too. With sweet packaging, organic ingredients, yummy scents, and an A-LIST following, LITTLE TWIG is our most favorite bath and body company for babies. We’d gush more, but we think you get the point. See why we think you should switch over to LITTLE TWIG at

Best Maternity Jeans Ever!

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We don’t gush about things easily…it has to be super fabulous for us to be impressed and tell all you mommies. You know can get maternity jeans just about anywhere now….but why settle for “they sorta fit…good enough” when you can get maternity jeans that look and feel gorgeous? We just discovered YIM MATERNITY JEANS and we are hooked. These jeans make your pregnant bottom look spectacular, which is just what you need when you’re growing a little baby. YIM makes their jeans with an adjustable and concealed waistband that grows with your belly, so they last from the first days of morning sickness to those post delivery days when you still need something super comfy and stylish to wear ( you can’t hide in sweat pants everyday momma!). We’ve been sporting YIM’S brilliant Aussie cropped dark demin jeans throughout our roller coaster pregnancy…should have ordered more than one pair…thank goodness they wash well. YIM’S tops also caught our stylish eye, and we couldn’t resist the striped tank in cherry. Don’t you just hate having to keep pulling at your maternity top when it rides up? Not an issue with YIM as they make them the perfect length to cover your Budda belly. No more frumpy oufits mommies-to-be…time to strut it like you’re a celeb mommy with a stylist on speed dial, and we think YIM should be your first stop at

Safe Drinking Bottles With Major Style

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Now that we’ve all tossed our chemical filled sippy cups and water bottles, we need to find a stylish and safe alternative. We want something with flare and color..nothing boring for us stylish mommies. We are very impressed with our SIGG bottle. These Swiss beverage holders are made of light weight aluminum, so your wee one’s hands can easily carry them, even when filled up to the top. We love that they have designs for grownups and kids, so everyone in the family can sip and look fabulous. We heard that MADONNA and CINDY CRAWFORD are two celeb moms that love their SIGG containers…such good taste. What sets SIGG apart from the rest is that they take it to the next level and add creative designs and patterns to their non leaching, ultra safe bottles. They also make sleek thermo bottles so you can carry your skinny mocha to the park with your tot…no more take out cups for you, eco mama! Fashionable, earth friendly and very sophisticated, SIGG bottles add class and much needed safety to your child’s life. Ditch the toxic plastic and see all of SIGG’S smart designs at

Want to win a fancy SIGG bottle for your toddler? Tell us how many countries SIGG is distributed to, and we’ll randomly pick a winner. HINT: go to and have a look around…good luck mommies! Email us the answer to

Mamma Made With Love

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Yes, we can be picky about what we like here at Celeb Baby Clothes. The more original and exclusive it is, the more we gravitate toward it. We also love to tell you when our favorite clothing companies come out with fresh new creations. One of our absolute faves is MAMMA MADE DESIGNS. They create handmade clothing and accessories that will leave all the mommies in your play group in awe. We already own their timeless Inside Coat…a coat you’ll wish they made in mommy size too. This time we’ve been twirling around town in our pretty in pink BUBBLY DRESS. Well made and machine washable, and it makes our wee one squeal with delight. For once we’re both in agreement (sure to be the last as toddler-hood marches on). MAMMA MADE also makes this fabulous 3 pack of very soft baby blankets, one in pink and the other in blue.  Perfect gift for upcoming baby showers.  Their new summer styles look super gorgeous as well…love the vintage inspired look and retro feel. Don’t just take our snooty word for it, go see how brilliant MAMMA MADE is at

Healthy & Addictive

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belly bar

Deciding that you are hungry when you’re pregnant isn’t a problem…it’s what to eat that has you feeling cranky and annoyed. You’re too tired to make something when you need a snack, and you want to be healthy and sensible. As busy moms on the go, we need a snack that we can take on the road and munch on while stuck in traffic that tastes good. We were thrilled to finally try out BELLYBAR’S yummy selection of nutritional snack bars. We were curious if these bars would do the trick, cause when a pregnant woman wants chocolate, she wants delicious chocolate. The Baby Needs Chocolate bar (our favorite) completely satisfied our devilish cravings and didn’t make us feel guilty, as it’s packed with all that good stuff your OB wants you to have like iron, folic acid and calcium (talk to your doctor if you take a prenatal vitamin, as there is such a thing as too much of a good thing mommies). We think BELLYBARS would make a fantastic snack for breastfeeding mommies too. Honestly, I was more hungry breastfeeding than when pregnant.That’s when you really need an easy, scrumptious little snack to keep you going ( 3am feedings are so brutal). Have a look at their healthy bars, chews and shakes at

Children Apparel We Love

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Matilda Jane Dress

Have you heard of MATILDA JANE CLOTHING? If not, it’s time to climb out from under that pile of dirty laundry mamma and pay attention. MATILDA JANE has the original and stylish clothes you’ll want to dress your child in. The designs are funky, fresh and oh so hip. We love the looks this mom designer has put together…so unexpected, but it all works. Gorgeous skirts, stunning dresses and fabulous tops all in bold shades and brilliant patterns. Hollywood mommies have discovered MATILDA JANE too, as they were included in the 2007 Academy Awards by being asked to participate in The Hollywood Baby Breakfast Club (that’s an invite we’d like…celeb mommies and chic baby gifts…we are green with envy) Get your piece of Matilda Jane before Angelina’s wee ones beat you to it at

Hip & Comfy Nursing Bras

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Pink nursing bra

Nursing bras have come along way since your momma had you. No need to suffer ill fitting cups, straps that dig in and designs that make you feel frumpy. You just need to know where to look, and we can help you. NUMMIES, a fashion savvy company that knows how to make a nursing mommy feel beautiful and supported. We were so lucky to try out their new chic nursing bra and we may never take it off. So comfy and pretty. It’s called the NUMMIES STYLE NURSING BRA and it is super gorgeous. Love the seam free design and molded cups, as all you want to wear during the first few weeks of breastfeeding is a tee shirt. We chose our bra in their classic black (practical yes, but sleek and modern too), but the signature pink looks fun and flirty…just what you may need during those long mommy days when wearing great underwear makes your day. You may be wearing your husband’s old tee and boxers, but it’s what underneath that counts. Add some va va voom to your undergarment drawer at