Celeb Mommies Love Lola Et Moi

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Lola Et Moi

Have you heard of LOLA ET MOI? If not, it’s time you mommies of little girls listen up. We have been lucky enough to sample their classy clothes, and we are still drooling over them…so stylish and gorgeous. What started in a Lebanese market years ago has moved to the posh shops of Paris and is now available all over the world including Beverly Hills. This latest LOLA ET MOI’S location explains why all the hip Hollywood mommies are shopping for their little girls there. KELLY RIPA, BROOKE SHEILDS and TORI SPELLING (soon to be mommy to a little girl) are LOLA ET MOI fans. We are too and love their latest line featuring bold colors, and sophisticated cuts. Our tot has been running around in the warm spring sun wearing their pink confetti dress. When it gets chilly she just throws on their timeless green wrap top…love the colorful flower, it makes the wrap so original. LOLA’S clothes have been featured in Baby Couture, People, and Vogue Bambini and they have designs that will appeal to mommies who favor a vintage look and moms that like to keep it chic and modern. The tees they create are perfect for the urban toddler, and their brilliant dresses make getting all dolled up tons of fun. Can’t wait to see which outfits TORI picked up. See why having some LOLA in your babe’s closet is a mommy must at www.lolaetmoi.com