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Deciding that you are hungry when you’re pregnant isn’t a problem…it’s what to eat that has you feeling cranky and annoyed. You’re too tired to make something when you need a snack, and you want to be healthy and sensible. As busy moms on the go, we need a snack that we can take on the road and munch on while stuck in traffic that tastes good. We were thrilled to finally try out BELLYBAR’S yummy selection of nutritional snack bars. We were curious if these bars would do the trick, cause when a pregnant woman wants chocolate, she wants delicious chocolate. The Baby Needs Chocolate bar (our favorite) completely satisfied our devilish cravings and didn’t make us feel guilty, as it’s packed with all that good stuff your OB wants you to have like iron, folic acid and calcium (talk to your doctor if you take a prenatal vitamin, as there is such a thing as too much of a good thing mommies). We think BELLYBARS would make a fantastic snack for breastfeeding mommies too. Honestly, I was more hungry breastfeeding than when pregnant.That’s when you really need an easy, scrumptious little snack to keep you going ( 3am feedings are so brutal). Have a look at their healthy bars, chews and shakes at