Safe Drinking Bottles With Major Style

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Now that we’ve all tossed our chemical filled sippy cups and water bottles, we need to find a stylish and safe alternative. We want something with flare and color..nothing boring for us stylish mommies. We are very impressed with our SIGG bottle. These Swiss beverage holders are made of light weight aluminum, so your wee one’s hands can easily carry them, even when filled up to the top. We love that they have designs for grownups and kids, so everyone in the family can sip and look fabulous. We heard that MADONNA and CINDY CRAWFORD are two celeb moms that love their SIGG containers…such good taste. What sets SIGG apart from the rest is that they take it to the next level and add creative designs and patterns to their non leaching, ultra safe bottles. They also make sleek thermo bottles so you can carry your skinny mocha to the park with your tot…no more take out cups for you, eco mama! Fashionable, earth friendly and very sophisticated, SIGG bottles add class and much needed safety to your child’s life. Ditch the toxic plastic and see all of SIGG’S smart designs at

Want to win a fancy SIGG bottle for your toddler? Tell us how many countries SIGG is distributed to, and we’ll randomly pick a winner. HINT: go to and have a look around…good luck mommies! Email us the answer to