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Has all that “BPA” worry gotten to you too mommy? Tired of the guilt every time you serve up babe’s mushed peas in a plastic dish? It got to us too, so we not only ditched our unsafe baby bottles, but our chemical filled baby and toddler dishes too. To ease our distress we switched to using BOON’S fabulous selection of bowls and utensils which are all BPA free except their Squirt spoon(they are currently processing a new BPA free Squirt spoon) . They make all the basics your baby needs for meal time with a modern twist. Our favorite? The Catch Bowl, so smart and fabulous that we think every toddler learning to eat should be using it. The built in food catcher on the bowl is a fantastic idea…who needs a bib when your bowl catches the spills? The suction cup on the bottom saves your floors from being decorated with babe’s rejects. Bring on the tomato soup! Have a look at BOON’S baby bath products too, as their FROG POD and BENCH were both a well known celeb mommy favorite. BOON’S fresh and brilliant take on kids dish wear can be found at

PS mommies: We’re currently testing out BOON’S snazzy new layette sets…stay tuned for our review.