Sweet Styles From Sugar Free Baby

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Organic clothing for children has come a long way momma. We now have more to choose from in colors, styles and price. Our latest find has the baby of the house looking very stylish indeed. SUGAR FREE BABY makes super funky joggers, tanks and onesies for the little one in your life. We have their uber cool organic baby jogger in khaki…love the pacifier design. The fit and look is very modern with it’s distressed hems, yet the cheeky pattern keeps it baby friendly and original. We can’t help but think these designs would look fabulous on the soon to arrive Jolie-Pitt twins…edgy and sassy with just enough sweet to satisfy. Organic doesn’t need to be boring as you’ll soon see from checking out the fine threads at www.sugarfreebaby.com

Agoo Has You Covered For Fun & Play

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Now that the summer sun and heat have arrived, we’ve been searching for versatile clothes that will keep our tot comfy and current. We heard about this fab Canadian company called AGOO and thought we’d road test their athletic line. Agoo’s motto is “Stay Out and Play” and their clothes let your kids do just that. We needed something that our wee one could wear to the park, beach and toss on with a funky pair of jeans to have lunch out with Mommy and Daddy, and their Raglan Long Sleeved shirt fit the bill perfectly. It’s made of fabric that’s stain resistant (go ahead…spill that pasta, dribble some OJ), and stretchy and it also wicks away moisture and offers UV protection. We must admit though that the colors, cuts and styles of this urban line is what has us really tickled. Sporty with some edge, about time someone thought of it. We love the look of their baby line too…black onesies are a mommies best friend! Get outside and stay there with Agoo’s help at www.agoo4u.com

Peter Rabbit Goes Green

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We’re all for organic and green clothes for your baby. Responsible fashion is style. Now that we make a conscientious effort to purchase eco friendly clothing, we thought it was time we focused on toys made with organic materials. Our latest find? Naturally Better Peter Rabbit…yes my mommy friends, Beatrix Potter’s wee little friend has teamed up with Kids Preferred and gone green. How fabulous! Peter is made of organic cotton and packed in recyclable and reusable packaging. Our tot loves how super soft he feels and we love that this favorite little rabbit is safe for her to cuddle. Bye bye mommy guilt! Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton tail have also had an eco makeover, and we think they make a fantastic gift that’s both classic and modern at the same time. Check out our favorite toy shop FAO SHWARTZ to see our favorite tree hugging rabbit at www.fao.com

Boon Baby Clothes Have Arrived

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You know BOON for their funky and functional baby gear. Who doesn’t own a Frog Pod? If you don’t , you should. It’s fabulous. We love their innovative feeding utensils and dishes…so modern and useful. Now the smarties at BOON have designed hip and original onesies, rompers and pant sets. First thing that caught our stylish eye was the fresh bold colors and the modern designs they chose. Love the DNA pattern in turquoise, and it’s perfect for that new little boy in your life. Finally a onesie without little boats or puppies! Also impressive was how well these onesies wash, which we all know is what makes or breaks it for us mommies. If it fades too fast or pills, then forget about it. BOON’S onesies wear well and wash perfectly. No fading yet and they get softer with each wash. No wonder BOON’S so popular in Hollywood. Check the brilliance out for yourself at www.booninc.com

Fish Lilly Has Style

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Fish Lilly Fish Lilly

We never grow tired in our quest for the most fabulous baby gear. Our latest crush is on FISH LILLY, a brilliant mommy run company that makes the most scrumptious baby blankets, bibs, wraps and sleep suits. We tested out their wrap in the colorful train design and the baby suit in the whimsical cowboy style. Both are super soft and comfy which are the most important qualities to us mommies, and they swaddle like a dream. Their is nothing more annoying to us than baby blankets that fall short in the swaddling department. Being self confessed blanket snobs we also love the clean designs and contemporary patterns. With classics like cupcakes, butterflies and airplanes, how can a mommy go wrong? Embrace you inner “blanket snob” too and have a look at FISH LILLY’S droolicious creations at www.fishlilly.com.au

Fabulous Baby Toys From Vulli

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sophie the giraffe by vulli

You just can’t knock a toy that’s been a favorite since 1961, can you? Sophie The Giraffe, made by the brilliant toy company Vulli (www.vulli-toys.com) is an absolute cult classic when it comes to babies. Made in the French Alps (ohh la la!) with natural rubber and non toxic paint, Sophie is the perfect safe toy to get your newborn. So what’s got every baby we know hooked on Sophie? They must love the soft rubber, subtle squeaks and easy grasp of this retro toy. It makes a fussy teething baby happy . Mommies love how entertained and soothed their baby is when Sophie is around…our advice? Get at least two, because if baby looses Sophie, you’ll loose your sanity when nothing else calms them quite the same. According to The Globe and Mail, celeb moms have a thing for Sophie as well. Kate Hudson, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Debra Messing all relied on this little French giraffe too. Don’t just take our word for it, see how addictive Sophie is at www.sophiegiraffeusa.com.

For our Canadian readers, check out www.buginarug.info


Organic Gifts For Mommy & Baby

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Who doesn’t like to receive a gift? Make that gift organic, safe for the environment and wrap it up in a gorgeous box and you’ll have us hooked. GreenBaby Gifts puts together all natural, eco friendly gifts that are super luxurious and safe for you and baby. After hearing about them from several impressed readers we had to see the gift boxes ourselves…and we ordered ourselves the Nursery Necessities Gift Box. All items are thoughtfully chosen and the presentation is very impressive. The box it came in is a gift itself.. Why wait for a baby shower when you can treat yourself momma? A beautiful box filled with all the lovely things you’ll need those first few weeks after baby arrives will make your day and who doesn’t need a little pampering? The organic crib sheet and onesie that came in the gift set are neutral in shade, and the body wash smells so yummy and won’t hurt babe’s newborn skin. Nothing “gimmicky” or wasteful, you’ll use all of the earth friendly and safe products. Greenbaby has gift boxes for mommies and toddlers too that are filled with organic goodness, and they make a smashing baby shower present. Swanky, healthy and tons of fun to open, get yourself a little piece of organic luxury at www.greenbaby-gifts.com

Belabumbum Has Us Looking Good

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Sure…you’ll be sleep deprived, learning how to breastfeed and more hormonal than ever. You’ll also need to think about what can you wear that’s comfy and sophisticated while you entertain all the new visitors that want to meet your new bundle of joy. You’ll want to look good without the worry. People will drop in and who wants to greet their guests in old sweat pants and a baggy tee? New cotton jammies and lounge wear seem more appealing and exciting to us, because when you look fabulous, you feel better. It’s just a fact. We love the nursing chemise and baby doll tops at BELABUMBUM. Paired with their lounge pants and their sweet little robe, you’ll be set to accept all your visitors (don’t let them stay too long…you need your rest mamma!). The Cotton Dot pattern is classy and the cut is very flattering to your figure. We’ve been a fan of their maternity and nursing bras and panties for a long time (the Copacabana is well know as THE nursing bra to own). Their lounge wear is just as stylish and classy, with a little added oomph to make you feel pretty and sexy. Celeb mommies that have been known to pamper themselves in BELABUMBUM are MILA JOVOVICH and MARISKA HARGITAY. Before, during and after your pregnancy, BELABUMBUM has gorgeous lingerie that will make you feel beautiful and proud of your body, and isn’t that what really matters? Add some Belabumbum to your hectic and busy mommy life at www.belabumbum.com

Jubi: Impressive & Classy Baby Basics

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Chic and luxurious are the first things that came to mind when our package from JUBI arrived. We’ve heard tons of fabulous things about JUBI and we needed to find out first hand. Smart and stylish mommies in the know like HALLE BERRY already have a thing for JUBI’S soft and yummy baby products (we hear she loves their butter soft wash cloths). We tested out their all natural fitted bassinet sheet, and their super comfy Baby Basics pant and shirt set in classic black. So unbelievably soft, and the understated neutral colors are a refreshing change. We also got to test out their brilliant “dribbler” style bibs. So handy for when your little one starts to drool and you want to keep their snazzy outfit nice and clean. These are perfect gifts for that baby shower this summer you want to impress at. If new mommies CHRISTINA AGUILERA and TORI SPELLING love JUBI, chances are your mommy friends will too. You want your baby to feel calm and secure, and the soothing fabrics from JUBI do just that. Have a peek at their must have baby collection at www.jubi.us.com and tell us what you think.