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Fish Lilly Fish Lilly

We never grow tired in our quest for the most fabulous baby gear. Our latest crush is on FISH LILLY, a brilliant mommy run company that makes the most scrumptious baby blankets, bibs, wraps and sleep suits. We tested out their wrap in the colorful train design and the baby suit in the whimsical cowboy style. Both are super soft and comfy which are the most important qualities to us mommies, and they swaddle like a dream. Their is nothing more annoying to us than baby blankets that fall short in the swaddling department. Being self confessed blanket snobs we also love the clean designs and contemporary patterns. With classics like cupcakes, butterflies and airplanes, how can a mommy go wrong? Embrace you inner “blanket snob” too and have a look at FISH LILLY’S droolicious creations at