Jubi: Impressive & Classy Baby Basics

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Chic and luxurious are the first things that came to mind when our package from JUBI arrived. We’ve heard tons of fabulous things about JUBI and we needed to find out first hand. Smart and stylish mommies in the know like HALLE BERRY already have a thing for JUBI’S soft and yummy baby products (we hear she loves their butter soft wash cloths). We tested out their all natural fitted bassinet sheet, and their super comfy Baby Basics pant and shirt set in classic black. So unbelievably soft, and the understated neutral colors are a refreshing change. We also got to test out their brilliant “dribbler” style bibs. So handy for when your little one starts to drool and you want to keep their snazzy outfit nice and clean. These are perfect gifts for that baby shower this summer you want to impress at. If new mommies CHRISTINA AGUILERA and TORI SPELLING love JUBI, chances are your mommy friends will too. You want your baby to feel calm and secure, and the soothing fabrics from JUBI do just that. Have a peek at their must have baby collection at www.jubi.us.com and tell us what you think.