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brocky toddler shirt

Listen up celebrity moms…we know you’re reading Gwyneth! You stylish mommies like to stay ahead of the crowd and we have just discovered the most original and one of a kind tee shirt companies ever…Translation Tees. They make shirts using your child’s unique baby talk. They take all those funny and sweet mispronunciations by your toddler and turn them into fabulous tees you’ll never want them to grow out of. We’ll give you an example: Our little tot loves to listen to violins and is constantly requesting “lins” on the radio. So we asked the brilliant folks at Translation Tees to make us up a tee with a violin and the word “LINS” acrcoss the chest. She loves it and requests to wear it every day …good thing it washes and wears so well. Each tee is made with custom designed illustrations and comes in long or short sleeve. Love the black cuff and neck accents. If you’re little chatterbox says something that they haven’t already thought of, just fill out their special request form and they will make you a fresh and snazzy new tee. Perfect gift for a new talker and an amazing way to capture their baby talk years. Now hurry up and check them out (before Angie and Gwynnie scoop ya) at www.temporarylanguage.com