Hip-T Has You Covered

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You know how it is…you just had a baby and you’re starting to get back into shape, but there is that little extra that keeps hanging on. We’ve all been there momma! What’s helping us get through those “muffin top” days? A little something called Hip-T. It’s a stretchy cotton hip wrap/band that you wear just over your jeans and under your shirt. It creates perfect layers without having to wear two shirts and you can adjust it to cover whatever you want to hide. We like how it keeps all our wibbly parts together, while making our outfit more stylish and polished. An extra bonus that we discovered while wearing it was that it covers up your belly while breastfeeding…sure it’s easy to keep under wraps up top, but it’s tricky to keep your tummy covered too. So simple and fabulous! Lot’s of colors to choose from, but don’t forget classic black and the all important white to compliment your summer wardrobe. Have a look at all their shades at www.myhip-t.com You’ll be looking like a celeb mommy in no time.