Safe+Hip=WeeGo Baby Bottles

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What do you get when you pair a pediatric physical therapist with a designer? Modern, cool baby gear that’s eco friendly and developmentally appropriate. The owners of WeeGo have created the coolest looking baby bottle out there mommas. It’s made of glass, so you know that’s safe and it is covered in a plastic sleeve that’s bisphenol A, phthalate, PVC and polycarbonate-free…and it looks super hip. The sleeve comes in bright, eye catching shades and a pattern that provides much needed tactile stimulation for your tot. We also love that the sleeve keeps the bottle from breaking if dropped (and believe me, we’ve dropped it a hundred times already and no breaks yet). It’s so fabulous when a company can merge great design with concern for the environment and our children…shouldn’t they all? We love the baby bottle in “look at me” raspberry, but you’ll have to see what fits your baby’s style at